Fluvoxamine and caffeine don't mix


Supporting Research for Successful COVID-19 Treatments

Few people know that fluvoxamine plus caffeine equals headaches, jitters, and insomnia-- including doctors who prescribe it. Not many people take caffeine seriously and don't remember that it is a serious drug! This website grew out of a concern that side effects could derail the important clinical trials that are testing fluvoxamine against COVID-19. In trials so far, fluvoxamine has kept people out of the hospital, and it's important that we have this tool if it continues to work out. Plus, some people take Luvox for depression or OCD, as well, and don't understand why they feel nauseous and jittery and can't sleep.


This site is an independent project of E. Lissner, a trustee of Parsemus Foundation, which works to create meaningful improvements in human and animal health and welfare by advancing innovative medical research, particularly low-cost approaches neglected by the pharmaceutical industry. It was inspired by the realization of how little-known this interaction is.

Newly diagnosed with COVID-19 and got the message about caffeine interactions? Still hunting for a fluvoxamine COVID treatment study? This one at the University of Minnesota is nationwide (medication sent by overnight mail) and includes fluvoxamine, metformin, and ivermectin arms, comparing the three most promising treatment options, and pays $400 for completion: